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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shadow of Night Release Date

Shadows of Night 

It's Official Shadows of Night Comes out March 21, 2014.

Here's a sneak peak:


Copyright © ERIN SIMONE, 2014
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

“Excuse me, Mr. Davies, it’s me, Emily. I’m here to deliver a package.” She opened the door and stepped inside. The room was massive and eloquently decorated. There was a huge cherry-wood desk on one side of the room and a sitting area on the other, with a large couch and an oversized flat-screen TV.
Emma marveled at the opulence as she wandered over to the desk. She was just about to do a little snooping when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye.
Holy shit!
Her mouth dropped open as she noticed an open door to the right of the desk—and the heavily muscled male with his back to her, doing pull-ups on a bar.
The guy had to be at least six-foot-five and weigh two-sixty, if she had to take a guess. His hair was the color of night, cut short. Muscles rippled and strained as he effortlessly pulled his massive frame up and down in a slow, fluid motion. On his right upper arm and across part of a shoulder blade, an extensive half-sleeve wrapped over the shoulder and, she presumed, continued to his chest.
He dropped to the ground suddenly and spun around, as if sensing her presence. He pulled the ear buds he was wearing from his ears as his eyes traveled down the length of her body in an erotic, predatory gaze.
She inhaled sharply at the sight of the outrageously handsome man who stood before her. “Damn…” Emma swallowed hard as a surge of lust sliced through her body.
He had a square jawline, ruggedly handsome features, a straight nose, high cheekbones and the most remarkable set of green eyes she’d ever seen. His wide, muscled chest and broad shoulders was also covered with the same beautifully etched tattoo that began on his back. Washboard abs disappeared beneath black shorts that hung low on a tapered waist and partially covered a pair of powerful legs. Her gaze ran over his massive frame and she couldn’t help her immediate attraction to the guy.
He cocked his head as confusion creased his extraordinary features. “Who let you up here?”
“Oh sorry, my mistake, wrong office.” She dropped the package on the desk and started to back away.
“Hey, stop. I asked you a question.”
“I told you—I must’ve picked the wrong office. My mistake.” She turned to leave. Why hadn’t she just told him why she was there? God, he flustered the hell out of her. That wasn’t normal.
“You’re not leaving.” He was by her side instantly, grabbing her arm.
“Let go of me.” She pushed him back.
“Human…” he mumbled under his breath and his eyes widened.
Oh this is not good. I’m not getting bitten. In a split second, she decided to react with force rather than take any chances. He was too close for her comfort, and stepping closer. She blocked his advance with a roundhouse kick to the jaw that sent him stumbling backward.
Licking blood from his split lip, he grinned—then moved like a flash of light. Before she knew what hit her, he grabbed her around the waist, lifted her off the ground and slammed her down on the desk.
“I’m not on the menu!” She cocked her fist back and belted him in the jaw. How the hell had she allowed the situation to fall apart so quickly?
“Bloody hell, woman, you fight like a goddamn man,” he growled.
She gasped when he quickly captured both wrists and placed them above her head. Now what?
Think, assess your options, then act, she tried to tell herself, needing to regain control over the situation, but quite frankly, she was pissed that he’d attacked her.
“What did you expect me to do, just stand there and let you manhandle me? You haven’t even begun to see me fight back, asshole.” She tried to shake him off but the bastard was too strong and held her easily. Her heart pounded wildly in her chest. God, he was gorgeous though.
Why was she thinking that at a time like this?
“Is that so?” He leaned close to her ear, his voice a sexy velvet purr. The smell of aftershave and male permeated the space between them. “The next time you hit me, I’ll return the blow. Now, I’ll not ask you again. How the hell did you get access to this floor?”
“Why don’t you ask Miss Palmer?” She glared at him.
“Believe me, I intend to do just that.” He looked at her with lust in his eyes so intense, it caused her nipples to pearl. Pleasure pooled in her core and a shiver passed through her. She wondered if he sensed it when his lips parted in what seemed like surprise.
Her cheeks flushed. What was she doing? This was crazy. The idiot just attacked her and she was getting all hot and bothered over it. Had she lost her mind? More than likely, because she certainly wasn’t acting like a highly trained operative at the moment.
Get a fucking grip, Hayes. “Ms. Palmer left me a note asking me to deliver a package to Mr. Davies—I clearly picked the wrong office. Sorry.” Her voice was laced with sarcasm.
“Where’s the package?” He started to relax a little but still didn’t release her.
“I don’t know. It’s probably on the floor with the rest of the crap you knocked off your desk.” Another shiver traveled up her spine as she felt the swollen press of his cock along her inner thigh. The bastard apparently wasn’t wearing underwear under those workout shorts. It appeared he was a big motherfucker in more ways than one. His masculine scent invaded her like a drug to the brain, promising a kind of passion that would be hard to resist. She closed her eyes in the hopes that her sanity would return.
No luck. She opened them to find him staring at her with a humorous expression.
“So it seems.” He glanced over his shoulder and chuckled, his tone dark and delicious.
“I’ve answered your question. Now will you please let me up?” She struggled against his hold. There was something primal and raw about him. She’d never experienced such longing for a man—and it terrified her, because he wasn’t just some random guy who turned her on. He was obviously a freaking vampire.
Instead of letting her up, he lowered his head to her ear again. “Your name wouldn’t happen to be Miss Parker, now, would it.”
“As a matter of fact, it is.” This wasn’t funny anymore. Usually she was the one in control of the situation, not the other way around.
“Why do I get the sense you’re not being truthful with me?” He cocked his head as he scrutinized her more closely.
She tensed. “I have no reason to lie about who I am, sir. Just because I fought back doesn’t mean I’m lying to you.”
“You fight with a skill most women don’t possess. Tell me your real name and maybe then I’ll let you up.” He leaned forward and nuzzled her neck. She sucked in air at the erotic sensations that engulfed her.
“W-what the…haven’t you heard the term ‘sexual harassment’, asshole? Because that is exactly what you’re doing. I could press charges against you, damn it.” Her words came out breathless as she tried to buck him off. He didn’t budge, seemingly un-phased by her threat. It was empty anyway. But he didn’t know that.
“And you’re well within your right to do so,” his expression darkened, “but somehow I sense that isn’t going to happen, because whatever you’re hiding is too important for you to risk exposure. Am I right?”
Shit. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she panted.
“Really?” He leaned forward, using his teeth to tug at her nipple through the fabric of her blouse. “Let’s test that theory.”
“Hey, s-stop that!” Another shiver rushed through her, causing a hot, aching need between her legs.
“What? You mean this…?” He lowered his head again and gave the other one a playful nip that sent a shot of pleasure straight to her clit.
“Oh damn.” I’m in trouble.
She wanted a fucking vampire. Badly.
“Your real name—what is it?” He ran the tip of his nose along her jawline.
“M-my name is Emily,” she gasped in outrage.
“I’ll accept that answer for now. That wasn’t so hard, was it?”
A grin slowly spread across his face. Could he be any sexier? What was it about this inhuman asshole? She wasn’t that easy, was she?
Apparently she was.
Resist him. You can’t do this, for Christ’s sake. “That all depends on what you’re referring to as ‘hard’.” She narrowed her eyes.
“Don’t knock it until you try it.” He wedged his hips between her legs and the skirt she was wearing easily rode up her thighs. She gasped when the hard press of his arousal slowly slid over her silk panties in a delirious friction that had her instantly writhing. Part of her wanted to enjoy his touch, which pissed her off even more.
He continued to tease her clit with the head of his cock in a slow rocking motion that was going to send her straight over the edge.
Sweet heaven, he’s going to make me come. She bit her lip to keep from moaning.
“Mm…you’re very tempting.” His voice was low and husky as he continued to tease her swollen bud. She clenched her jaw and turned her face away, caught up in an erotic wave that was impossible to resist.
“F-feeling is not mutual.” That was such a lie, and they both knew it. Her mouth was suddenly dry and she licked her lips. Oh God, don’t come.
“Are you sure about that?” He chuckled.
“You smug, arrogant jerk. Don’t flatter yourself. I-I don’t enjoy being attacked and held down against my will. But it appears you get off on overpowering woman.”
He stilled and the look in his eyes almost made her regret her words. “If my intent was to harm you, it would’ve already happened.”
“That’s debatable.” She rolled her eyes.
“You’re a feisty thing. Maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to you.” He muttered the last part under his breath and shook his head with a heavy sigh.
“Look, mister, you’ve had your fun. If you let me up, I promise I won’t report you to my superiors.”
“I am your superior.”
This can’t be…oh hell.
“W-what’s your name?” She swallowed hard.
“Christian Voss.” His lips twitched in amusement.
“You’re kidding me…?” Her blood ran cold at the thought. Her target. And if there had been any lingering doubt in her mind about what he was. There wasn’t anymore.

He leaned closer. “Kiss me.”