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Eden Bradley's New Release



 Midnight Playground Series International


I'm so thrilled to have another book in my Midnight Playground series out-it's been far too long! And this one...well, let me just say it's a bit rough and dirty, but that's probably because that's how the boys play-and this one is all male-my first! I thought this was going to be Ramsey's story. He appeared in EVERSONG, one of the members of the Vampire Council. And it is his story to some extent-I explored his tragic past, the pain that made him who he is. And he's so sexy...beautiful, as all my vampires are, but truly a fantasy figure for me. He's Spanish Creole from New Orleans, with long, silky dreadlocks and green eyes, a contrast against his flawless caramel skin. And he's commanding. Did I forget to mention that this is a BDSM book? The power play is clear here-he's Dominant enough to subdue even my darling Rogue. Rogue...could he be any prettier? I do like them pretty. (Well-I like them all!). He was Turned when he was only nineteen, which makes me feel a teeny bit like a leering old perv-but he's well worth it. Let's take a look, shall we? Madrid, 2069 He is Rogue. He has known no other life, no other name. Turned at the tender age of nineteen on the dark streets of London, he wanders Europe, angry and rebellious, haunted by the crime that has followed him for over a century. Always alone. He is Ramsey. Member of the Vampire Council, all he has are his memories of dazzling grief and unrelenting pain--his only respite blood and sex. Until a young rogue vampire poaches in his territory... Irrevocably drawn to each other, the head of Madrid's Midnight Playground and the rebel from nowhere will find passion in each others' arms...and discover a dangerous secret that could change both their worlds forever. WARNING: Dirty m/m vampire sex, anal sex, blood play, power play, breath play, whips and chains, 3-on-1 non-consensual vampire kink (but he likes it!) and the Capture Gardens as the most divine punishment!


Ramsey’s teeth pierced his throat, sucking, drinking. He turned his head and went for the older vampire’s arm, his teeth sinking in. “No!” Ramsey tore his arm away. “You will not have my blood.” But he was too lost in the spiraling ecstasy of climax to care as Ramsey fucked him, milking his cock with his strong hand. He closed his eyes and let the last shimmering waves tremble through him. Finally Ramsey released his cock, and got up to pace before the windows, gloriously naked. Rogue rested on one elbow, watching him. “Why will you not share your blood with me?” he asked. “Is this some power play?” Ramsey kept his back to him. “I have no need of such things when it comes to the blood. When it is power play you will know it—you did know it. I am older than you, stronger. And this place is mine. Why would I need to prove anything?” “You tell me.” Ramsey turned back to him, his eyes gleaming dangerously. “Do not think because I’ve fucked you that I will be lenient with you, young one, or that I will accept disrespect. I owe you nothing.” “And whatever I owe you for trespassing you took out in rather enjoyable trade, which I believe evens the playing field, does it not?” Ramsey chuckled, breaking the tension. “Oh, you are full of yourself.” Rogue grinned at him, letting his fangs show. “Ah, you discover my evil secret. And I was working so industriously to conceal it.” “Not so secret, trust me.” Ramsey nodded at him. “Now get up and let’s finish our wine.” “As the king commands.” “I would happily make you pay for that remark, Rogue. In fact, you should know you will be made to pay for your poaching on my herds either way.” “Again?” Rogue sat up, bracing his arms around his bent knees. “I hope that’s a promise.” Ramsey advanced on him and Rogue’s cock twitched as he was yanked to his feet. “Wine now, more fucking later,” he growled. “As you wish.” He kept to his normal cocky tone, but this vampire’s touch burned into him, desire heating his blood, his skin. And naked as he was, he knew Ramsey saw it in his hardening flesh. But he saw, as well—and the older vampire’s dark cock was a beautiful thing, long and thick. Wine first. Damn it. Ramsey sat on the velvet sofa, all stark, raw male beauty, a contrast against the elegant delicacy of the furniture. Not that Ramsey himself wasn’t elegant—he was as elegant as he was primal. It was a combination that made Rogue’s blood heat in a way it never had before. He commanded his cock to calm as he followed Ramsey’s imperial gesture and sat down next to him. Ramsey refilled their glasses from the decanter and drank deeply. Rogue sipped, the liquid still strange on his tongue. Finally he asked, “So, is it your habit to drink your wine in silence? Or was there something you wanted to talk with me about?” “I want to know more about you, Rogue.” “Such as…?” “Such as where you come from.” “All over.” Ramsey’s hand shot out and gripped the back of Rogue’s neck, squeezing just hard enough to hurt. To command. He hated that he felt commanded by his touch. But it was undeniable. Undeniable and arousing. He loved it. “Do not play with me, Rogue. You will answer my questions.” He shrugged. “Fine. Ask.” “Tell me where you came from,” Ramsey repeated. “You are obviously English. Where were you made?” He nodded. That at least he could answer. “London.” Ramsey let his hand slip away. “And after your Turning?” “I’ve been traveling for years. France, Berlin, Prague, Rome.” Ramsey’s piercing green gaze narrowed. “All of the cities you’ve named hold a Midnight Playground club.” Rogue nodded carefully. “Yes, though I haven’t made it to Amsterdam.” “Is there some reason why?” “It was to be next on my list.” “Which you tell me without hesitation.” “Why shouldn’t I? You’ve caught me. You know I am not here as a member of your club. I don’t belong to any of the clubs.” “And why not? It seems you gravitate to them with suspicious frequency.” Rogue shrugged one shoulder carelessly. “I don’t like authority.” “Don’t you?” Ramsey asked, heat burning in his gaze. “You liked it well enough as I held you down and shoved my cock in your ass.” He laughed. “Sex is another matter entirely, isn’t it? Being overpowered…that’s the novelty for our kind. So novel it’s liberating. Don’t tell me you don’t love it when an older vampire takes you, Ramsey, owner of this place or not. We are vampires. We do not discriminate when it comes to sex, other than that our lovers be beautiful.” “True enough. But if you had any ideas about fucking me—” “Of course not. Not unless you chose to allow it.” He smiled slowly, his fangs nicking his bottom lip. “You might at some point, you know. It’s happened before.” He leaned toward the older vampire, his elbows resting on his bare knees, lowering his voice. “I’ve fucked older, more powerful vampires than you, Ramsey. They have gone down on their knees or spread their legs to have me ravage them, males and females alike.” He sat back. “I’m told I have my charms.” Ramsey rose to his feet, standing before him, his long, hard cock inches from Rogue’s mouth. “Show me your charms now, young one,” he commanded, grabbing a fistful of Rogue’s hair. Rogue licked his lips, eyeing the gorgeous shaft of flesh. “Gladly.” He would have said more but Ramsey shoved his cock between his lips.


In celebration of the release of ROGUE I'm giving away a prize package-a $10.00 gift card to Amazon or B&N-winner's choice-plus an e-copy of my contemporary ménage novella TEMPT ME TWICE, and an e-copy of my novel PLEASURE'S EDGE, Book One in my contemporary BDSM 'Edge' series! Just comment here and let me know what you love about vampires (what's not to love??)-I'll be back to choose a winner and announce in the comments section tomorrow night!
Meanwhile, the rest of my Midnight Playground books are available now! Find THE SEEKING KISS, BLOODSONG, THE TURNING KISS, EVESONG and my prequel story EVER: THE TURNING on my website!
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