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Friday, August 23, 2013




Immortal Embrace Series

Release Day

Erin Simone
Immortal Embrace, Book One
The battle rages in the darkness while humans are sleep, unaware of the Rogue vampires who hunt them. An ancient order of vampire warriors has vowed to destroy any who dare to take human lives. Dane Voss is one of them. A businessman by day, by night he stalks the streets, fighting against the rising tide of vampire-related homicides. He doesn't do it for humans--he seeks revenge, to destroy the bastards who turned him into a monster. But when he rescues a woman who calls to him like no other, and he starts to wonder what, exactly, is it that’s worth fighting for. He’ll stop at nothing to protect her even calling on old allies. Shifters who will join forces to stop the evil threatening to destroy the woman he loves.
Jenny’s old life ends in a parking garage. She’s reborn into a world of fantastic creatures—and unimaginable pleasures. The fierce warrior who saved her is drawn to her and she soon discovers her dark prince is more than he appears to be. Love, jealousy and betrayal collide and she has to learn to trust again. It isn’t easy with men, especially after suffering emotional abuse at the hands of her father. Soon their love will be put to the test by a treacherous villain whose obsession with her mate threatens to destroy everything unless both of them can overcome their past and trust in the love that drew them together. 
 A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
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