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Friday, May 24, 2013

Kilting Me Softly

Blog Spot

May 17th, 2013

Author Persephone Jones

Author, Persephone Jones is here today talk about her new book Kilting Me Softly which is available at Ellora's Cave Publishing, Barnes & Noble and Kindle.
Kilting Me Softly is a story set in Scotland that features Morgan Keevy, an American seeking revenge for her twin sister’s murder.
Morgan Keevy is a woman hell-bent on revenge. She’s traveled thousands of miles to Scotland to kill Ciaran McCade, the man responsible for murdering her twin sister Megan. So she’s horrified by her lust-filled response to him at their first meeting.
All werewolf Conall McCade wants is a pint in the local pub. When he meets sexy Morgan at the bar, he believes he’s hit the one-night-stand lottery. Unbeknownst to Conall, Morgan thinks he’s Ciaran, his deranged twin brother—a fact he doesn’t learn until he’s tied to the bed…naked…with a silver dagger aimed for his heart.
The moon is full. Lust is in the air. And no one is who or what they seem.
“What brings you to Scotland…miss, Mrs.?” He performed a shameless search of her fingers.
“Ms.? You’re not married?” He glanced around as if he’d stumbled upon a gold mine and wished to keep it a secret. Right then, she could have taken him gently by the back of the head, brought him to her lips and whispered to him, Have no fear. I only have eyes for you, Ciaran McCade. Eyes and a dagger with your murdering name written all over it. She showed him her hand, naked of any jewelry.
Morgan shook her head.
“Boyfriend.” He declared as if finally certain in his last-ditch attempt to figure her level of availability.
Smiling, she shook her head again. She’d planned on giving him a fake last name, but so far he’d been too distracted to follow through and ask. The cad was making this easy. She hadn’t planned on that either. If things continued this way, she’d be back on a plane to the United States by tomorrow morning. One less psychopathic monster running loose in the world. A shattered family one step closer to healing.
Fuckin’ hell.” He cursed and then stopped himself. “There’s no way you’re not married or engaged or dating or…”
“Fucking someone?”
That caught him off guard. His eyes, piercing jade jewels, scanned her womanly shape with virile hunger. In her study of the abnormal psyche, she’d become adept at sensing when someone was conning her, but this man’s game was on a whole other level of expertise. When his heated gaze returned to hers, she smirked at his shameless survey of her body. “Conall” had finally got his bearings. “So, you were saying?”
She didn’t bother asking him if he had a girlfriend. Men like Ciaran McCade didn’t have girlfriends or relationships. They conquered and destroyed. When they wanted something—they simply took it. Sex was no different. As was no doubt the case when he’d happened upon defenseless, unsuspecting Megan. She tried not to think how she broke down when the detective told her Megan had been raped. How he’d admitted that whoever raped her had worn a condom to prevent identification. Now was not the time to tap into that memory.
He wasn’t the only one regrouping. Morgan maintained a fragile calm on her exterior. Never mind that she trembled to her bones on the inside. What were they discussing?
“Family history,” she offered, deciding not to attempt a full-out lie. After all, she didn’t feel she was as skilled a liar as the man currently eating her up with a spoon. A liar who, after hours and hours of endless interrogation, maintained his story. The one where he claimed he’d never seen Megan before, much less eviscerated her in an abandoned park in the middle of the night.
“Mother’s or father’s side?”
She sipped her drink and stirred it casually with the straw. “A little of both, actually.”
“Hmm.” He picked up his stool and positioned it as close to hers as he could get it, setting his drink, a murky ale, beside hers. His obvious come-on made her laugh. It had been so long she barely recognized the sound. Despite the horror of her reality, she was beginning to enjoy herself. Months had passed since she’d been able to relax. What the hell. She deserved a moment’s joy. And this bastard from hell owed it to her. “Where are you from?”
“A little place called Houston, Texas.”
“Ah. I know of it.”
I bet you do. She had to say a silent prayer to maintain a pleasant expression when everything in her being shouted at her to take him by the throat and lay him out on the bar, slashed by a thousand broken liquor bottles, and light him on fire.
“Ever been to the States?” She tested him.
“Aye. Long ago.”
Long ago as in months? she wanted to ask. Commit any rapes or murders while on holiday there? “And?”
“Where were you?”
Tell us about your latest book.
My latest book is titled Kilting Me Softly. It’s a paranormal romance featuring a Scottish werewolf hero and an American heroine. It’s a story about a murder and mistaken identity. A bit of suspense, a little horror and lots of sex!
When did you start writing?
I always liked drawing and telling stories as a kid. As I grew older, I found writing was something I could do to escape things like my parents’ divorce, their remarriages, being an only child and entering a new school. I could do it anytime, anywhere and it was my secret, private world. Once I started, I found I didn’t want to stop. I’ve been writing ever since.
Where did the inspiration come from for Kilting Me Softly?
I love horror movies, especially werewolves. I wanted to write a different kind of werewolf story. Then Morgan Keevy, my heroine, started speaking to me and I just had to tell her story.
Will you do more books in this series?
Yes! The Sexy Scots will be a trilogy. So there will be two more, Off Kilter and Done Been Kilt.
What is your favorite thing about writing?
I think my favorite thing about writing is the idea of creating worlds, characters who live fantastical lives and live passionately. It’s escapism in its purest form.
What do you find that is sexy about a man or a woman?
A sense of humor is priceless. Brains. (No, that’s not a zombie thing. J) I think a smart man or woman is sexy.
 How do you juggle the demands of family and career versus writing?
I’m married with three fur babies but no human children. I do help out my mother a lot. It’s a balance. Sometimes I write during the day, sometimes at night. Due to the flexibility of the writing life, I can change my writing schedule if necessary to accommodate daily life. There aren’t many jobs/crafts that allow for that.
Wine or chocolate, what's your favorite?
Chocolate! But wine is good too. Why choose when we can have both, right?
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