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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sensual Saturdays Blog Hop

I've decided to start a new blog hop.  I picked Saturday because its the one day I am not pulled in twenty different directions.  

So much has happened in my author world since my first book was accept and released back in late June of last year. I also published a second book in early October 2012, which made the publisher's best seller list.  In addition,  I got signed with Ellora's Cave for a seven-book deal for my Immortal Embrace Series and my first book in that series will hopefully be out soon.  I'm almost done with my fourth book, and started work on a fifth book as well.  Last year, I also met some really wonderful people in this industry and feel truly blessed to be a part of it all.
I'd say 2012 was a year full of accomplishments for me. This year my plan is to work on a couple of projects at once, in the hopes that I'll be able to have more releases in 2013.  I'm also attending three conferences this year.  The first will be Sassy Seven in Austin, Texas; next, Romantic Times in Kansas City, Missouri; and finally, Romanticon in Akron, Ohio in the fall.  If you've never been to one of these conference, I suggest you make a point to attend.  Especially if you enjoy reading.  Of course, getting to see EC's Sexy Cavemen isn't a bad incentive either. 

Well, since were on the subject of sexy and to kick off my new Sensual Saturday Blog Hop.  Here are a few sexy males for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!!


Ellora's Cave Cover Model D. Eli Burns

Ellora's Cave Cover Model Nick Soto

Ellora's Cave Cover Model Georgio Csaba
Ellora's Cave Cover Model David Nieves

Fitness Model Gary Leo Taylor

Fitness Model Stuart Reardon

Football Anyone...
Yes, it's very hot in here....
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