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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Writer's Muse

The Muse 
As a romance writer coming up with the perfect male lead can be a lot of fun.  The protagonist is an important part in the creation of any romantic storyline.  I tend to lean toward the tall, rugged, powerfully built males. There are a few male models who fit the bill for me and when I've seen their pictures I've thought wow, this guy would be a perfect muse for the character I'm currently creating for my male lead.  I think it helps to have a muse when writing a story.   Here are some of the males that have fallen into that category for me.  I also have a few new favorites that I met while attending Romanticon this past October....
Jed Hill
Matus Valent
Stuart Reardon
I am currently writing Shadows of Night and sexy Stuart Reardon is the muse for that storyline. I love his tattoo and his rugged good looks. He is gracious and very sweet which makes him all the more appealing in my opinion. He'd make a great cover model don't you think....um yeah!!!
Christian Boeving
Love Mr. Boeving, I met him at Romanticon this year and he is the cover model for my first book Whispers of Night coming out soon with Ellora's Cave
David Nieves
Nick Soto
I hope you enjoyed the eye candy ladies.  Well, its time for me to get back to the writing.  Happy holidays everyone.
Erin Simone, Author