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Friday, November 16, 2012

Interview with Ellora’s Cave
Alpha Caveman & Cover Model, Nick Soto

On October 11-14, 2012, I was one of the lucky authors who got to spend a fun-filled weekend at Romanticon 2012, put on by Ellora’s Cave Publishing.  At the conference, I had the opportunity to meet some of the male models who grace the covers of some of the best erotic romance novels in the industry. These wonderful guys spent the weekend entertaining us ladies and let me tell you, we LOVED every single minute of it.  They were approachable, down-to-earth, sweet, fun, and boy could some of them dance.  There was one in particular who could shake his very sexy booty like no other. His name is Nick Soto, a fitness model, personal trainer, and Zumba instructor from Dallas, Texas. His friendly outgoing nature completely charmed most of the ladies at the conference, including myself.  He proved to be more than just a handsome face with chiseled abs.  He is also one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet, and I believe that is why he was voted Alpha Cavemen 2013, by those who attended this year’s conference. He will also be featured on the cover of Ellora’s Caves 2013 Calendar that is coming out next year.  Today, Mr. Soto has graciously agreed to be a guest on my Blog and give readers a little insight into his fast growing career and more.

Q. So tell us Nick, how did you first get involved with Ellora’s Cave?

My brother Ruben made the connection and that’s all I needed was a foot in the door.

Q. How long have you been modeling?

A good four years now. I have been featured in fitness magazines, romance novels, workout videos, billboards, and even a dog collar ad. It’s my passion among other things.

Q. Now I've seen you dance, it’s amazing. How long have you been dancing?

I 've been dancing for about six years now. I'm always practicing, trying to make myself better and better, I love choreographing routines and helping people get in shape through dance and fitness.

Q. How much time do you spend working out to stay in shape?

I like to get in and get out of the gym. I’m not there to play, but it’s fun. I average around one hour a day.

Q. On your cheat days, what 's your favorite food to eat?

I love sweets. I have a big sweet tooth. I like lots of chocolate and Cinnabons.

Q. What do you prefer the most in a woman – brains, a good body, sense of humor, or good looks?

All of the above. Though all are important, I would have to pick a sense of humor. I love life and to laugh, so any woman who can love life as much as me and make me laugh, I need in my life.

Q. What do you think makes a woman sexy in your eyes?

Lots of things. I think it’s sexy when a women is covered in paint from making a master piece, or sweaty and dirty because she just got done with a hard workout. I love passion so when I see a woman doing what she loves that’s sexy to me.

Q. Would you date an older woman?

Of course I would date an older woman. Not only are they more experienced lovers, but the mature women I have come across are smart, classy, know what they want, and are not afraid to take it.

Q. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

That’s a big question. I look at life as content growth, I’m always growing and changing.

Q. Who has been the most influential person in your life?

My coach/mentor/best friend, Sagi Kalev. He is a famous fitness model and all he said was I had amazing potential and his encouragement inspired me to go after my dreams.

Q. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My proudest accomplishment was my Key Magazine Cover. It was something I dreamt about since I was 18-years old, and no one thought I could do it. But I knew I made something special happen when that cover came out.

Q. What would you consider a perfect date with a woman?

The perfect date to me is sweating it out together in the dance studio and practicing together. I love a woman who can move.

Q. Any flaws you want to share with us?

I have many flaws, but my flaws can also be my strengths as well.

Q. What are your plans (goals) for the future?

My big plans and goals for the future are to star in my own dance video, and own my own private studio. I’m always pushing the limits to be better and better, but I want to love life to the fullest and
stay positive every day with a smile on my face.

Sounds like a great plan Nick, and it looks like you are definitely on your way. Thank you for stopping by and sharing a little bit about yourself with us. If you have any questions for Nick, please feel free to leave a post.


Erin Simone, Author

Nick Soto & Ace Boogie
Entertaining the Ladies at
Romanticon 2012

One of Nick Soto's Amazing Covers

You can find Nick Soto here at these sites if you want to check in with him or have questions, you can email him at nick@nicksoto.com and checkout his website at www.nicksoto.com

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