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Friday, July 20, 2012

When the Darkness Falls Blog Hop and Giveaway

In celebration of Friday the 13th!!!
I will be giving away one copy of my book Guardians of the Mist in the “Darkness Falls Blog Hop and Giveaway.”

The contest runs from Friday, July 13th through July 21st!! Good luck everyone.

Characters with a Darkside Are They More Interesting

It’s an intriging question. I know as an author, I find creating a protagonist with an underlying dark nature that choses to use it for good is fun to write. I enjoy the struggle the character goes through to overcome whatever obstacles he or she must face or to see a transformation in the character as the story progresses in my head. I think the underlying twist in fantasy romance has turned some of the misunderstood creatures of the night into likable intriguing characters. Vampires and werewolves are good examples of this transformation. Most of the movies I saw as a kid always portrayed them as monsters that needed to be destroyed. Not so true anymore.
My favorite dark character is the vampire. He is the tormented immortal searching for his lost love or avoiding his own nature to protect the women he loves. He is a Romero eternally searching for his Juliet. The eternal love aspects of most fantasy novels can be very appealing to the reader. We want our males to place us on that type of pedestal. These characters can be portrayed as dangerous, yet seductive. They also entrall us. We have transformed them from scary villians to sexy heros with a heart.
What are your thoughts on this subject? I would love to hear your views. Happy Reading Everyone!!!
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