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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Highlights of Romanticon 2014

Last week me, Jennifer Kacey, Cait Miller and Anna Alexander attended Romanticon 2014.  It was a smaller conference than years past, but that didn't take away from the fun us ladies had.  We met readers, did several workshops, danced are asses off, drank, and were entertained by the handsome Ellora's Cave men. If you've never gone to Romanticon, I encourage you to go.  I've done several conference over the last few years and this one by far is the most fun.  Here are some pictures from this years conference. Enjoy lovelies....

Show Us Your "O" Face...Jenn and I had so much fun with the fans. There were lots of giggles and some of the women did rather well. We were impressed. LOL

A group of us out to dinner on the first night before the author meet and greet.  

I was grinning wide cozying up between these handsome devils. 

Decadent Divas Anna Alexander, Jenn Kacey, Erin Simone and Cait Miller taking pictures with the men of Ellora's Cave.  Yeah, it's a tough job being an author but we don't mind. Hee, hee, hee, hee....

One of the Naughty Panels I participated in....


And I danced, and danced, and danced my ass off....

There were also awards given to a few of my pals that were well-deserved. Congrats Diva Anna Alexander, Jennifer Kacey and Cait Miller....

Bingo Night with the Cavemen. If you win they give you a lap dance. I won twice. Ha!!! No video. What happens at Romanticon stays at Romanticon. LOL

The Book Fair at Romanticon 2014 was a very happy day for me. I really enjoyed meeting with the fans, and it's such a rush to hold something you've created in your hands. Yup, I'm a proud mama.

And the performances by the guys were amazing.  But like all good things, it went by quickly. We left with a lot of good memories and I'm excited for what my publisher has planned for next year.

Hope you enjoyed.

Muah!!  Warmly Erin Simone

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