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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Immortal Embrace Series by Erin Simone

Book 1 & 2

An ancient battle rages between the Order of the Dragon, a coven of vampires who have taken a sworn oath to stop the rising tide of vampire-related homicides committed by their enemies. Rogues refuse to conform while humans still remain blissfully unaware of their presence, and the intense battle that looms in the shadows of this dominion. Primordial warriors of night, these seductive dark angels hunt the nocturnal predatory Rogues who sate their blood lust by draining the essence of life from their victims. Carnal by nature, their charismatic presence and alluring sex appeal will draw you into their immortal embrace just as the females who encounter them.  

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

These are the first two books in my Immortal Embrace Series.  The third book, Seduction of Night will hopefully be out before Romanticon in October as I just got word from my editor, the lovely Ms. Kelli that she is working on the second round of edits now. Hopefully, fingers crossed, there won't be many revisions to make and I'll be given a possible release date in the very near future. Can you tell I'm an optimist. Yeah baby!  So if you're looking for a HAWT summer read with sexy vampires to wet your pallet, I hope you'll give my series a try.


Erin Simone