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Monday, June 2, 2014

Interview with Elloras Cave’s
Cover Model DeAngelo

A while back, I had the pleasure of interviewing DeAngelo a very handsome cover model from Florida who I learned has been in the United States for about 5 years. He is originally from VeniceItaly. He also works as a dancer for LaBare in Florida. He is soft-spoken, charming, and his accent is very sexy. Not to mention, the guy is gorgeous. He was hired by Elloras Cave Publishing and is now gracing some of their covers, including one of my books Shadows of Night.

I decided to repost this blog again because Mr. De as I affectionately call him has graciously agreed to be a guest on my Blog again and give our readers a little insight into his growing career and more.   
1.     When did you start modeling?

        I was seventeen when I first started in the modeling business.

2.     How long have you been dancing at LaBare?

        I’ve been dancing at LaBare for the last four years.

3.     Do you travel a lot for your job?

I used to travel and do road shows with Chippendale's, but not knowing English that well or Spanish made it difficult.  I don’t travel as much now.

4.   Two friends of mine wrote a book about their life as exotic dancers. Is it hard not to get sucked into the lifestyle?  How do you stay grounded?

Stuff does happen.  Some parts are true about the lifestyle, partying and stuff, but not as much anymore.

5.      So then is Magic Mike a fair depiction?

         Partying yes and drugs sometimes too.

6.     Is it hard to date woman with your career? Have you dealt      with a lot of jealousy?
         Yes, jealousy is hard. There's a lot of sacrifice. It's not easy.

7.      Best part about your job?

   Performing on stage, I love to dance and learn new choreography.

8.     Worst part about your job.

    Working nights until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning can be difficult.

9.      How has your experience modeling for Elloras Cave?

            It was really nice, very positive.


DeAngelo is truly charming and not bad on the eyes either ladies...
10.       Are you a boob or butt man?
            I like the all-around package.
11.        Would you date an older woman?
            Yes, probably.  Age is not important, personality is.
12.       Blondes, brunette or redheads?
            No preference.
13.      What is the biggest turnoff in a woman?
           A bad attitude.
14.      Biggest turn on about a woman?
           Personality has to be good.
15.      What are your ambitions for the future?
         I am trying to go to more auditions for modeling and acting because I really enjoy it.
16.    You’re tattoos are beautiful.  Do they hold any special meaning?
         No not really, I had them done in Holland and Amsterdam.  I have a bad boy side I guess.

17.        Tell me something some people often assume about you that is wrong?
I have a shy personality.  I come from a different culture and people assume I’m not friendly, but it’s just because I’m shy.
18.        Do you prefer reading books or watching movies?
            Reading is important.  You should use your brain.
Fun Facts:

Favorite Color?
Turquoise Blue.
Favorite season?
What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?
No comment.
Awwh, he is shy ladies. LOL 
I'm sure will be seeing more of DeAngelo and yes, I was the lucky author who got his first cover with Ellora's Cave. There of course have been many more since this original blog post. Thanks for stopping by.  Leave a message for him if you want. He has always been very good about responding to me and I'm sure he will respond to you.
Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for stopping by!
Erin Simone, Author